Women Empowerment


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Illiterate, fearful, tearful, hopelessness, isolated, forsaken, slavery, and un-loved.. these words are much related to a normal Indian women. Most of the village girls get marry when they are average 15 years old.

Marriage is the responsibility of the parents of the girls, the girls are not allowed for dating or choosing their life partner. The other evil is the dowry and caste system.

The parents of the girl have to give a lot of money, golden jewellery, household things such as TV, Fridge, vehicles, etc., for a well educated, and a well employed grooms. So normally the parents choose a poor man without education and employment addicted to gambling, and alcohol.

The alcoholic husband spend all his wages in the wine shop return home in the evening with empty hands and beat the poor woman to serve him a hot and delicious three course dinner.

The alcoholic husband never cares for the education of the children. So all the responsibilities of running the family comes to the poor woman.

Without an education or a skill, how can these poor women earn the livelihood? The end is suicide, and the poor children become orphans wandering in the street, begging, stealing and end up in the prison. This is the story of hundreds of children who enter into our Orphanage.

According to a report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) a crime against a woman is recorded 1.7 minutes in India. Every 16 minutes a rape case is recorded in this country. Every 4.4 minutes a girl is subjected to domestic violence.

Women empowerment is the only solution for this problem. Ebenezer Evangelistic Association offers a training in dress making, doll making, and other handicrafts training in our free tailoring training school. We welcome women without any differences in religion, caste, and education.

Normally one should know at least the 1,2,3 numbers to use the inch tape and to take measurements. But we even admit Illiterate women who never went to school and does not know the 1,2,3 numbers. We teach them even 1,2,3 and basic mathematics that is necessary to take measurements to make a dress. This school is a great blessing in many ways to hundreds of poor and needy women. For example, The Muslim women are not allowed to go out from their home, so they stay at home without any contact with outside world with lot of pressures on them, cannot share the problems with others. It is such an agony of soul for them.

Since we have a good reputation in the neighbourhood, the elders of the Muslim community allowed the women to attend this tailoring school. Hundreds of Muslim women attend this school, learn dress making and other skills and also it is a great chance for them to come out from theirs' home, meet other women and socializing with them. To make them happy and to encourage them we also let them cook their favourite food and eat with others.

Almost all the women who attend our Tailoring school are from the families below the poverty line and the parents and the husbands are very sickly and died suddenly. This poor women are in a great trouble not knowing what to do and how to manage the family.

In this situation this training in dress making helped a lot of women to provide food for the family. After the training some of the women formed the co-operative trade centre working as a group and developed the spirit of women entrepreneurship. You are welcome to take part in this wonderful project and there is a lot of options for you.