Definition And Statistics Of Orphan Children

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UNICEF and other partner agencies defines Orphan as a child who lost either one or two parent.

A single orphan is a child who lost one parent.

A double orphan is who lost both the parents.

Street children by definition children who are live on the streets without any adult care or supervision. They usually live and sleep on the streets because they do not have a home. They have only intermittent contact with parents or family usually mother or sisters. They live most of the time with other street children in the city or are in the move. There are different statistics about the number of orphan children in the world.

However, according to the definition of UNICEF there are 150 millions orphan children worldwide but this is not included the another half of this number who are child soldiers, living in the institutions and in streets.

It is hard to grasp such large numbers, but if you had just the Asian orphans hold hands in a line, the line would go around the entire earth. If you were to follow that line of orphans holding hands, driving 60mph, passing 1700 children per minute , you could drive 24 hours a day, mile after mile, hour after hour, day after day, nonstop, for over 17 days, and you would still see orphans holding hands.

  • 12 Children every minute, 18000children in a day, and 65,70,000 children every year die by Malnutrition- UN.
  • 38 Children infected with HIV every hour and a child dies every 3 minutes from aids somewhere in the world-worldaidsday.org.
  • Every hour 240 children were orphaned and 1604 Orphans aged out of an institution with no family and no place to call home.
  • 1.2 million children forced into slavery each year-UNICEF.
  • There are 20 million Orphans are in India.

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As a human being, what is your response towards the pathetic condition of these poor Orphan and street children? Shall we close our eyes and ears and ignore the situation? Or shall we silently say this problem is huge and as an Individual what can I do? Or shall we say that I am poor myself and if I am rich I will do something about this?


POVERTY : Above all else, poverty overwhelming increases the likelihood of children becoming orphaned because parents are both more likely to get sick and less likely to be able to treat illnesses.

HIV/AIDS : Globally, HIV/AIDS is responsible for almost 20 million child orphans.

MATERNAL MORALITY : Mothers dying during childbirth leaves hundreds of thousands of children as orphans each year.

UNWANTED PREGNANCY : This occurs as a result of many complex factors but is often linked to violence against women or pregnancy outside of wedlock, leading to significant cultural shame and therefore pregnancies are kept secret and babies are abandoned at birth.

WAR AND CONFLICT : Parents dying as a result of combat between armed forces that leaves children orphaned

NATURAL DISASTERS : Earthquake, Tsunami and floods leaves hundreds of Thousands of children as orphans each year.

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India has 440 million children. That's more than the entire population of North America (USA, Mexico and Canada put together) Every fifth child in the world is Indian.

  • Out of 27 million children born in India every year, 2 million do not survive to celebrate their first birthday because of malnutrition.
  • 5.2 million HIV/AIDS infected children.
  • Infant mortality rate 57.92
  • Children underweight rate 18%
  • About 60 million Indian children under the age of 6 live below poverty line
  • Over 59 million Indian children have no access to school
  • 500 000 children are forced into the commercial sex trade every year.
  • Statistics reveal that India has 17 million child labourers- the highest in the world
  • 1 out of every 3 girls does not live to see her 15th birth day

Description of Orphanage Project

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India has the largest population of Orphans in the world about 25 millions. This is mainly due to the severe poverty. Poverty, quality of life and the orphans are linked in many ways. We live in a world where it is getting harder and harder to survive, especially for those who are poor. With the global rise in inflation, it has become extremely difficult for an individual to afford every-day living. Things can get worse when you have to face the world at a very young age. It is probably one of the most difficult things when your parents are dead and you have to deal with all, by yourself. Children who are left alone after their parents have died due to poverty, war, illness, invasion, natural disaster...etc find it hard to cope with life since they are young and unaware of how to deal with the tough situations that come across early in the life. The situation can get worse if these kids are in poor countries as there are no proper rehabilitation centres for kids there.


  • The Orphan children are the victims of Human Trafficking.
  • Become child labour working longer hours in a worst condition.
  • Trained to become a criminal by other criminals
  • Become sex workers
  • Victims of Organ theft

These children live fearfully, hopelessly and purposelessly. They never know what is love and care and they are denied of their childhood safety, love, care, education, food, recreation, peace and happiness. Even in their young age they cannot mingle with others, grow like any other children, develop their skill and they cannot live as a normal human being. The earthly human life is denied for these poor young children.

The solution:

A. Orphanages and the homes for the children are the only solution for this problem. They provide the needs of these children and protect them for a while. To take part in solving the problems of orphan and street kids, I have started an orphanage in the southern Indian city of Salem. First, I have feed the children in the streets. The children gather in the streets for food, ate there and nothing more. There is no changes and development in their life. They stinks badly, never brush the teeth and bathed, they are in their dirty rags, no education, no discipline, no medical aid if they get sick and no place to sleep during rain and in winter. Also the ex-criminals used these poor kids to beg, steal and for other criminal activities so many kids ended in jails and their life style changed. It saddened my heart. So I have rented a big hall with water, bath rooms, kitchen, and store room and started an orphanage. Now the children have a home like any other children with home parents to take care of them, they enjoyed three home cooked delicious meal, bathed every day, have new clothes, and attend our own school. About two thousand orphan and street children are raised in our orphanage


While the children are growing up in our orphanage, we find out their talents, and interest. After they graduated from the high school at about sixteen years old, we provide six month to one year short term vocational training according to their interest and talent. Most girls get training in dress making in our free sewing school and earned a living. Since the Founder Rev Ebenezer is also a businessman, have vast contacts with many industries and businesses, he puts many of these young men and women into different kinds of training and after that secure a job for them. So the children who are raised in our orphanage are well settled in the life. But hundreds and thousands of young men and women who raised in other orphanages are suffering without a training and a job to start a life. At present we are co-ordinating with other orphanages Which does not focus on the future of the children. 1604 orphans an hour, 38496 a day,1193376 a month and 14320512 that is 14.3 million a year aged out of an institution with no family and no place to call home. What is the future of this men and women? Where they will go? How they will survive?


India is economically developing and have the resources to take care of the problem with the street and orphan children. But their voice is not heard in the concerned offices who makes the policies regarding the children. The majority of the officers who are the policy makers born in wealthy families, well educated in the institutions of higher studies such as INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, INDIAN POLICE SERVICES, INDIAN FOREIGN SERCICES...ETC. They born with silver spoon cannot understand the feelings, conditions and positions of the poor street and orphan children. If some of the orphanage children will be trained in these higher studies and become higher officers and policy makers they will easily work and create new government policies for the welfare of the street and orphanage children. In this way, the lives of the street and orphanage children will be improved and there will be a total Change. This is a wonderful solution for the problem, You and I can do it. Please, Please contact me for more information and a discussion. I can even visit you personally for this project, Thank you very much.

This is a great thing We are able to start orphanages and children homes in several places and raised more than 2000 children. You are welcome to take part in this life saving project, as an individual, as a family, a group of friends, an association, foundation, and as a business group you can play a significant role in this life saving project. Please do not hesitate, your contact with us save a life.