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In my young age I lived in a slum and I went to the village school. This was a government school. The majority students were very poor, even cannot afford to buy anything such as a note book, pen or pencil, eraser...etc as a school going children. The children sat in the dirt floor, drank the contaminated water, the toilet was the nearby fields. One or two teachers who are not trained enough to teach come to school and taught nothing. The school building was very old, damaged and very small. So most of the children sat under the tree learn nothing in the school. It is very hard for them to pass in the high school and go for higher education and the life of these children are pathetic even in the future. On the other hand, the wealthy children goes to the private Christian schools, have all the nice facilities like clean airy class rooms with benches and desks, play grounds, clean toilets, clean water to drink and very well trained teachers, ...etc and learned and equipped as brilliant and talented student. So these upper class students get all the good things for a happy life in the future.

I moved from the village to a nearby town. I got an opportunity to attend the school in the town. This school is little better than the school in the village. I was in the 6th standard. I did not know the English alphabet, so the class leader a city girl hit my head ( this is the traditional punishment ) and it hurts me a week and I wept a lot. A merciful college girl next door heard about my punishment and taught me English alphabets when I was 11 years old. I was very proud to say A B C D. E... But I failed in my high school final exams because my primary education in the village school was not good.

I grew up with lot of pains and hard ship and through the mercy of some American missionaries I went to a Bible college and that was the turning point in my life. After finish my Bible school I established an orphanage to help the orphan and poor children. The orphanage children went to government schools with the same standard of mine when I was a child. I provided good food, dress and medical treatments to the kids in my orphanage but the government school they attended was not good and they learned nothing there.


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  • Many people in India starts school only to make money and does not have proper building and other facilities. One such school got fire and hundreds of children died in the fire. The government arrested the principal and closed the school.
  • Most of the government school buildings are very old and in demolition condition. It is very dangerous for the children to sit in a building that can collapse at any time. One such government school roof was covered with plastic paper.
  • The worst caste system also practiced in the government school even among the teachers. The higher caste government school teachers and higher caste students always insults and ill-treat the lower caste students. Few years ago, the higher caste students killed a Dalit ( low caste ) student in the school. So many Dalit students stopped the education and many Dalit children become child labour because of this problem.
  • The poor parents could not send the children to schools due to severe poverty. So millions of Indian poor children work as a child labour even twenty hours a day and theirs daily wages are less than two dollars. So the child labour problem is raising in my state Tamilnadu .

To offer a standard education to my orphanage kids and to the slum kids, I started an English medium school Other people establishes orphanages and schools for any other reasons, but I established the Orphanage and the school due to my own experience with hunger, disease and inability to attend a good school. I DONT WANT OTHER CHILDREN EXPERIENCE HUNGRY, SICKNESS AND PAINS IN THEIRS CHILDHOOD. My Orphanage and school " EBENEZER NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL" was located in the city close to a big slum. So the children in the slum also blessed with the best education. First few years the children sit and eat in the floor. Later the school was developed with good class rooms with fans, desks and benches, the children were provided with many decent uniforms, school supplies and stationeries, and all the teachers are with a Masters degree in Education and my sister who hold a doctorate was the principal of the school.


Our property was only 20,000 sq ft. I had only five class rooms for LKG, UKG, first, second and third standard. After third standard the children did not have class rooms for fourth and fifth standard. The government requirement for the primary school is five class rooms, an office room, a library, a science lab, good toilets, and a play ground and the minimum land must be two acres. So I got into problem to continue the school and closed it. Because the property cost in the city is very high and also there was no land available near to my property. The children were very disappointed. I did not have any other choice.


It was an agony of soul for me to see little children suffering in the childhood. They also suffer in the future because they are not educated enough to get a good job. So I sold my city property and bought a big property in the suburb to start the school again. This big property is good enough even for the higher secondary school. Also I have a big play ground. I have to construct the office room, a staff room, a hall for the library, seven toilet rooms, according to the government specification. I have been trying all my best to construct the needed buildings to start the school and it is now an impossible task for me. Ebenezer Evangelistic Association is a very small charity and solely depends on the income of my own textile business. We do not have big donors or regular financial supporters. This is our first attempt to raise some funds outside of India. Please support financially to start the school, If I start this school hundreds and Thousands of Orphan, destitute, the children with aids, the children from un-touchable caste and other poor village children will get a quality education. After few years I can develop it to the Higher secondary school. Through this proposed school the lives of many children who are in the darkness of ignorance will be brighten. Can you please help me ? please contact us for more information.