About Us

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My Story

I am Ebenezer Moses, founder and the president of this organisation. I like to share my story with you. My mother died when I was only a ten month old baby. My father at that time served in the Indian army, and he married a woman and stayed away from my life. I was taken care by my grandparents who are very old, poor and sick. My grandfather tried all his best to make some money for our survival. He could provide me only one in-sufficient and taste-less meal a day. I never had three meal a day in my childhood. I never had a tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo in all my young age and these are consider as luxury.

I have a lot of cavities in my teeth and even now I spend much money to the dentist. I had small pox and chicken pox every year and there was no medical aid and went through a lot of pain. I suffer in diarrhoea often because there was no clean water to drink. I was a very sickly baby about to die. I am alive and it is a miracle.

I was always in hungry crying for something to eat. Many days I went to sleep empty stomach and woke up in the mid-night cried in hungry. We lived in a slum where nobody knows what is a bath room. Open defecation was common and that caused sickness. I bath once a while wherever I find a pond. The pond is full of contaminated water. I searched in the garbage yard in the towns to find out anything eatables.

I had only one torn out shirt and trouser for many years, never had a pair of shoes until I was seventeen years old, my life was so pathetic and painful.

I and my only older brother grow up as young men and we begin to think of our painful childhood. We don't want other children to suffer in the same way we suffered. We want to do something for them. Our Orphanage work started in a very smallest way, around 2000 children were raised till date in our Orphanage.

I have also started a Kindergarten school to educate the Orphanage and surrounding slum children to get quality education, a free tailoring training institute to train poor young women and widows to train in dress making and other handicrafts, a free medical clinic to offer basic medical treatment to the poor, and regular medical camps to treat the lepers, and handicapped and a soup kitchen to feed the hungry and two million hot meals are served till date.

Who we are?

We are well educated, dedicated, and experienced professionals like Medical Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Teachers, Church Pastors and also labourers, and un-employed youths. We are a state registered social welfare association, and registered with Home ministry of India to receive foreign funds under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. We have earned a good name for our services, and we received an award for the best social services from the former Mayor and the deputy Mayor of the Salem City.

What we do?

We are in the business of transforming lives. We serve humanity regardless of caste, creed, religion, and culture. We feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide shelter to the homeless, offer medical treatment to the sick and leper, taking care of Orphan, Street and Slum children, offer technical training to the poor young men and women and widows, we do everything to the needy and poor to built up their lives. Our focus is happy individuals, families, and societies everywhere.

ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN NGO'S : EEA is working to establish an umbrella organisation of all the Indian NGO's and other welfare organisations and soon this will be in operation. There will be a huge database to find out the Organisations, their contact information, objects, and activities. This association will encourage and promote the activities of NGO's and be the representative to speak with the Government and other agencies.