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Welcome to the exciting world of Christian Business Associates. CBA is a worldwide association of Christian business men, women and companies spread across the globe. It is not possible to explain in this site about everything we can do in the world. We try to briefly explain our services in this site, but we recommend you to visit the nearest CBA office in your country and meet one of our staff. Different people needs different thing, and our basic aim is to help people achieve their goals. We work based on your needs. What you cannot do, or have to make a lot of effort to do, can be done very easily by us. To explain our services very shortly, We can do anything, at any time at anywhere in the world.

As you aware, most of the western countries are Christian countries, so it is very easy for us to do things through our churches. It does not mean that we are a religious organisation and help only Christians, we help people of all religion. Ninety percent of the profits of CBA is designated to support orphanages, aged homes, free hospitals, free training centres, ...etc in poor countries. You can also help the poor people by join with CBA.



Successful marketing is the number one key for the success of a business. The product may be a quality one, but if the marketing is not done well, there will not be good sales and that results in loss. It is very important to have an office and staffs in a particular country to sell your product in that country. Contacting a particular buyer via internet or an occasional visit to that country will not yield much fruit. Please do know, most of the big companies have their own offices and national staffs in most of the countries for a successful business. It is true that having an overseas office cost a lot of money and effort. CBA offer you this very important facility at a fraction of cost. We assist you to sell your products through our worldwide offices. The good thing is we already have buyers who are members in our association and buying billions of dollars worth of products. So we already have a buyer for your products. Also we contact new buyers worldwide for your products. So your sales volume will be increased to many times. Further, if you want to contact any buyer we will do it on behalf of you and do things according to your instruction. We will act as your own office staff and take care of everything.

If you want to import anything, from anywhere in the world, we will inspect the goods, negotiate the pricing, and take care of the shipment. If you need the advice of an expert for a particular product we will arrange for that, and we will also reduce the price reasonably by our influence. If you want to make a business trip we will take care of all the arrangements from making reservation of your flight tickets, hotel rooms, arranging your business meeting to return your home. You will get all the services in reduced prices.

International Holidays

We travel around the world often and have a great knowledge about every country, people, culture and food. Our travel tips are a great wealth for you. We will get Air-Tickets, hotel rooms for you in reduced prices, and also you may stay in Christian guest houses free of cost. We can also arrange local guides free of cost or for a cheap price.

Overseas Medical Treatment

If you are sick and need treatment in a foreign country, just leave everything to us. We will make appointment with famous Doctors and if needed we will arrange for surgery in familiar Christian hospitals. If you are poor or do not have enough money to cover the cost, we will help you to get concession in the hospital. Free treatment also possible in some cases.

Overseas Education

We recommend to study in western countries for a bright future. The educational institutions in the western countries are well established in every aspects, the professors are great scholars, the facilities are very standard. Education abroad will surely change your life. We will help you to get admission in very famous universities and also help you to get financial assistance for your studies.


You can get a standard and reasonable returns from your investment in the projects we recommend. We guarantee you that you will not lose your money even in a very worst economical situation in the world.

Overseas Jobs

Most of the jobs we offer is from the office of our members in the western countries. We will assist you to get a job in a good Christian company with a wonderful working environment and reasonable salary and other benefits. We also assist for legal immigration to USA, Canada, and other European countries through investment visa. Our Christian lawyers will do the job for a moderate fees.

These are the basic services we offer for our members. If you have any other works you consider that we can assist you please feel free to contact us.


  • Simple
  • Fill the membership form and supply all the information and samples. If the enquiry of our members and your offers matches we will contact you.
  • Gold
  • The membership fee is $3000 (Three thousand US Dollars ). Your membership is valid for Three years from the date of your application and you will get millions of Dollars worth of services from us. Please contact us for a personal meeting and discuss with us your needs. This is only a one time offer. Membership is only for a limited number of people to a limited time. So hurry up and march forward for victory. All your failures will be changed into success.

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